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First West Who Baby of 2015 Born

February 5, 2015 - A little boy born yesterday became the first West Who citizen to be born in 2015.

Lachlan Hugh Farr was born at St. Vincent Hospital at 7:15 a.m. weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces, according to a news release from the medical center.  He is 19 inches long, a hospital spokesman told the Whoville News.  "Mother and baby are doing well," he said.  Lachlan is the son of West Who cabinet officials, Kevin Farr of SPEA (Space and Planet Exploration Agency) and Anne Farr who is the Minister of Education.

President on Historic Three Nation European Tour

WWN- President Farr is on an historic tour of three European nations before returning to the United States and then West Who. The President currently in Prague, Czech Republic, will also visit Belgium and Sweden. His visit to the Czech capital is to increase the visibility of West Who on the world stage.


While in Prague the President will discuss the possibility of purchasing a small amount of surplus Czech military equipment for the government. In Prague, the President is scheduled to visit the sight where St. Norbert is buried. St. Norbert is the patron saint of West Who.


President Farr's second stop will be Brussels, Belgium, the seat of the European Union. He will be the first West Who official to visit Brussels. While not scheduled to meet any EU officials, the President will tour the city and visit St. Michael's Cathedral. The President is scheduled to fly to Florence, Italy to confer with Senator Janse-Vreeling concerning the President's travels and other matters of importance to the country.


Finally, the President will spend two days in Stockholm. Foreign Minister Mike Farr said, "The President will not be meeting King Carl XVI Gustaf. To this point Sweden has shown no interest in building relations with micronations such as West Who." The President will fly to Los Angeles, California where he will be met by the Vice President. The presidential motorcade will travel about one hour to West Who. Preparations are being made in Whoville to welcome the President back to the country.


Foreign Minister Says Assassination Attempt Possible


W2 Steps Up Security on the President  (September 1, 2013)


WWN - President William "Will" Farr was injured in an apparent fall from his bunk bed.  He has not issued a statement concerning the incident.  Rumors have been flying around the capital of West Who for days.  Some say that this was no less than an assassination attempt on the President's life!


What is know is that the Vice President and his wife were accompanying the President on a fact finding mission to Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The Vice President confirmed that while investigating international trade opportunities the presidential envoy attended a Green Bay Packers football game with their American hosts.  Later that night, the President was injured in a fall or was it a possible attack.  He was treated for wounds to the head, face and leg.  But, the question being asked is was it an innocent fall or something more diabolical?


Foreign Minister, Michael Farr, said this about the incident.  "I was notified of the situation and I had some of our intelligence officers immediately assigned to the case.  We know that there are counties out there who really resent the freedoms and liberty that we have here in West Who and there are people who would love to see our country brought to its knees.  That's why I believe it is possible that the incident involving the President may have in fact been a sophisticated assassination attempt gone bad.  We will take whatever measures that are needed to protect the President and we will get to the bottom of this."  The Foreign Minister has informed the nation that "W2" the West Who Spy Agency will continue to investigate this incident.


President Injured in Accident   (August 25, 2013)

Concern Spreads Across the Country

WWN - The President was injured in an unusual accident in Wisconsin yesterday.  The President fell in his sleep from the top bunk of a bed late in the evening during his return to college.  The serious fall caused injuries to the President's face, jaw, lips, knee and hand.  The President received medical attention and authorities reported that he will heal from his injuries.  President Farr stated to reporters that he was in pain but doing fine.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated as of 2010 that 540,000 people worldwide died from falls.


Space Agency Reports Delay in Building First West Who Rocket

SEPA Director K. Farr reported to Congress today that construction on the first West Who low altitude rocket is delayed.  Farr told a Congressional Panel that the construction company was behind on its schedule.  He said he was disappointed in the contractors and that SEPA was looking to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.  Senator Roberts said Molossia had launched a rocket and West Who should not fall behind in this vital area.  June, 2015



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