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West Who Delegation Attends MicroSummit Conference

President William Farr led a West Who delegation to MicroSummit 2021 in Las Vegas, USA. Minister of Citizen Affairs John Farr and Foreign Minister Michael Farr accompanied the President.  West Who delegates addressed the Summit.  Queen Loraine II of the Kingdom of Volletnia and President Farr signed a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship at MicroSummit 2021 in Las Vegas. The Kingdom of Volletnia is located in Oklahoma.  This is the fourth micro summit conference that the Republic of West Who has participated in recent years.











West Who to Launch Rocket Postponed until late 2022

The West Who Space Agency planned rocket launch for early 2021 has been delayed due to COVID conditions and restrictions. The Eagle 43, the latest West Who rocket is sleek in design.  It is 67.9 cm in length, with a diameter of 25 cm.  The rocket weighs 62.4 g.  The recovery mechanism is a parachute.  The rocket will soar to 297 meters over West Who when launched by SPEA. It was scheduled for a March launch but SPEA, the West Who Space Agency says conditions in surrounding California will prevent the agency from carrying out the launch.  Officials said they hope launch later in the year.








Farr/Roberts Win Election as President and Vice President













President William Farr and Vice President Sarah Roberts were reelected to office to lead West Who for another year.  Farr defeated Senator Isaac Muro 48 to 13 out of a total 61 votes cast in the national election.  Vice President Roberts ran unopposed and received 61 votes.  Mayor Cassidy Giorgi was reelected as mayor of Whoville, our capital city.  

There were five candidates vying for election to regional governor positions.  In the Asian Region, Dr. Hemanshu Parmar won the election with 43 votes to rival Dhairya Chahal who received 18 votes.  Governor Nicola Pillonetto was reelected as Governor of the European Region, Governor Rory McPhail was reelected as Governor of the Oceania region and Governor Raul Mendez was reelected as Governor of the North American Region.

In addition 12 people were voted into the West Who Senate, those winning election are Tarun Batra, Patricio Vincente de la Plaza, Paul Tapas, Mrutyunjay Satpathy, Mohammad Iqbal, Forrest Dezso, Filippo Bagarolo, Deanna Daniels, Yato Gami, Andrew Harrod, Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish and Amirali Abdollahi.

New Money for West Who




New Republic of West Who currency was officially released today by the Treasury Department.  The five dollar bill features President Farr and the one dollar bill features Vice President Roberts.  The reverse side of the five has a space capsule highlighting the West Who Space Program and the one dollar bill has a view from West Who toward the San Gabriel mountains in southern California.  A Treasury Department spokesperson said the new bills are larger in size then the previous one and five dollar bills.  These type of currency notes are commonly referred to as "horse blanket notes" and this is the first time West Who has issued a larger size currency.


Spacecraft Lands on Mars with West Who Child's Name

The U.S. spacecraft Perseverance landed on Mars today carrying the name of West Who child Ellie Neiderer. West Who President William Farr arranged with NASA officials to have Ellie's name taken to Mars. West Who Space Director Kevin Farr noted this is the furthest into space that something related to West Who has ever gone. "I think it is pretty amazing that Ellie Neiderer's name is on Mars. We appreciate that NASA made this opportunity available to us," said Director Farr.





Foreign Minister in Republic of Uzupio in Lithuania

Foreign Minister Michael Farr led a delegation from West Who to visit the Republic of Uzupio a micronation located in the capital city of Lithuania. The diplomatic mission visited Uzupio and spoke with an official at the border as their passports were stamped.  They then toured the nation.  West Who astronaut Ron Hall and Information Minister John Farr accompanied the Foreign Minister to Uzupio this first diplomatic mission.











Senate Passes Privacy Protection Act into Law

The West Who Senate voted to enact into law the Privacy Protection Act of 2020 by a vote of 14-0.  The new law will protect citizen information held by the government.  "The government needs to take reasonable steps to make sure citizen information is safe and secure and if the government no longer needs the information it should be deleted" said Senator Reilly Roberts after passage of the new law.  The senator also commented that this was one of those rare votes where every single senator who voted was in favor of the proposed law.







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