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Space Agency Launches Website

The West Who Space Agency officially known as the Space and Planet Exploration Agency SPEA launched a website to better acquaint the public with the activities of the space agency.  Director Kevin Farr said SPEA is at the forefront of micronations with space programs.  "We want to broaden our reach so that citizens in West Who and around the globe know more about the West Who Space Agency," said Farr.  

The new SEPA website focuses on the four areas that the government has highlighted for our space program:Space Awareness, Earth Observation, Space Science and Exploration, Satellite Communications.  The Space Agency is also interested in encouraging West Who youth to consider careers in space science.


                                                                                             Vice President Farr and NASA Astronaut


President Detained by Canadian Border Police

The President and Foreign Minister Michael Farr were detained by Canadian Border security as they entered Canada to attend MicroCon 2019.  A Canadian Border official questioned the President about why he was entering Canada and what MicroCon was.  When the President said MicroCon was a meeting of self declared nations the official detained the President and Foreign Minister for questioning by a second Canadian official.  He asked more questions about MicroCon and then released the West Who officials to continue on their way.  The West Who Foreign Ministry said the President and Foreign Minister were treated respectfully by Canadian officials.

Send Your Name to MARS Says Space Director

Space Director Kevin Farr says West Who citizens should send their names to Mars.  NASA is launching a rocket that will carry a Mars Rover to the planet and it will also carry the names of citizens of Earth to Mars.  SPEA Director Farr said "this is a fun way to become part of the history of space exploration".  Little Ellie Neiderer, a one year old West Who citizen, is one of the names going to Mars.









Farr and Roberts Elected to Lead West Who

With the largest turnout of voters in West Who history William Farr and Sarah Roberts were elected to lead Republic of West Who. With National Elections complete, William Farr and Sarah Roberts were elected as President and Vice President of West Who.  Nicola Pillonetto was elected Governor of Who Province. Six citizens were elected to the West Who Senate: Aymane Ait Boumenkar, Sandler Johnson, Allen Yesin, Abhishek Sarkar, Paul Tapas, and Nadav Sunday.  John Farr was elected as the Mayor of Whoville the capital city of West Who.  The election department reported that 55 citizens had voted in the national elections which is the most in West Who history.




Predator Drone for Defense Ministry

WWN- Whoville- Defense Ministry officials have begun to develop a West Who predator drone.  Former Defense Minister William Farr said, a drone would be of great value to the safety of the nation.  He noted that Congress had approved the West Who Space Agency SPEA to build a drone as part of the space program.  The National Police need an unpiloted aircraft as well.  Also know as an "unmanned aerial vehicle," or UAV.  Drones are often used for security purposes.



                                                                                             Defense Minister tours submarine

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