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President Re-Elected to Office













WWN - President William Farr was overwelmingly re-elected at president of West Who for another one year term.  The elections department said the polls were closed and all votes for President and Vice President were counted.  President Farr received 80 percent of the votes cast and his challenger Supreme Court Justice Thomas Callaghan received 20 percent of the votes.  The vice presidential race between Sarah Roberts and John Farr was much closer. Roberts lost by just two votes.  


President Farr stated, "I am grateful to the citizens of West Who for re-electing me to office.  I look forward to another productive term.  Together we will make West Who grow and prosper."


Election officials said that votes for the West Who Senate were still being counted.  "This is the second e-election that West Who has conducted.  Citizens are happy with e-voting." said the Registrar of Voters.   

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