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Diplomatic Relations with Duckionary Established
Foreign Minister Works to Promote West Who on World Stage

Diplomatic Relations Established

Foreign Minister Michael Farr announced the signing of a friendship treaty with the West Who and Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary officials signed a Friendship Treaty to promote positive relations between the two nations. Duckionary is a micronation located in Austria. This is the thirty-third micronation that West Who has established diplomatic relations.  The Foreign Minister noted that West Who seeks to build relationships with established micronations.  The Foreign Minister said West Who is looking forward to building relations with the people of Duckionary.

People's Daily Follows Us

The Government of West Who Twitter site reported that The People's Daily, the largest media outlet in China began following West Who.  The Information Minister released a statement saying that the government Twitter site has 1550 followers mainly micronations and space agencies.  The People's Daily is a highly respected international news organization according to the Information Minister and highlights greater international awareness for West Who. 

Postage Stamps

The West Who Post Office has sought input from the public on themes for 2024 postage stamps.  Two stamps by renowned nature photographer Hayley Farr are featured on the latest stamps released by the Post Office.


Nature and Exploration mint stamps are available from the West Who Post Office.  Order your set today via the contact page.


The Post Office also issued a two stamp set commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of West Who and also released a new set in the micronation flag series.

West Who was also instrumental in helping establish the Micronation Postal Association this past year. 

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